Do You Need a Real Estate Agent?

This extended analysis questions the traditional role of realtors in new home construction, highlighting the potential benefits of direct builder engagement with companies like VJR Custom Homes and the vital role of legal counsel.

January 11, 2024

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The role of realtors in new home construction has long been accepted as essential. However, a deeper examination reveals that this may not always be in the best interest of homebuyers. This article aims to uncover the often-overlooked realities of hiring realtors in the home building process and suggests more effective alternatives.

The Misconception of Realtor Involvement

Realtors are traditionally viewed as crucial players in real estate transactions, but their actual contribution in new home construction can be minimal. Many buyers are unaware that hiring a realtor can lead to significant commissions, which do not always correlate with the value or services provided.

The High Cost of Realtor Services

One of the most startling revelations for many homebuyers is the high percentage of their home investment that goes towards realtor commissions. These costs can be substantial, yet the direct involvement and influence of realtors in the construction process are often limited.

Limited Realtor Involvement in the Construction Process

Contrary to popular belief, the involvement of realtors in the actual building process of a new home is typically non-existent. Their role is often confined to the initial stages, mainly focused on the transaction aspect, rather than the intricate details of home building.

The Myth of Realtor Protection

The common belief that realtors protect the buyer's interests in new home construction is increasingly being questioned. In reality, the protection offered is often more about securing the deal rather than ensuring the quality or suitability of the construction.

Alternatives to Hiring a Realtor

Direct Builder Engagement

Engaging directly with builders offers a more transparent and involved approach. This direct contact allows buyers to have a clearer understanding and control over the construction process, often leading to better outcomes and personalization. For insights into engaging with builders, consider reading "What Are Custom Built Homes?".

Legal Counsel

Seeking legal counsel provides a focused safeguarding of the buyer's interests, particularly in contractual matters. Unlike realtors, lawyers specialize in the legal nuances of property transactions, ensuring that the buyer's rights and interests are legally protected. The benefits of legal representation in real estate transactions are further explored by Canadian Lawyer.

Financial Implications

Opting out of realtor services can result in significant financial savings for the buyer. These savings can be better allocated towards enhancing the home, choosing custom features, or even securing more favorable mortgage terms. For a deeper understanding of the financial benefits, "Do Custom Homes Cost More?" provides valuable insights.


The traditional role of realtors in new home construction deserves reconsideration. For many buyers, the high cost of realtor commissions does not equate to substantial involvement or protection in the building process. Direct builder engagement and legal counsel emerge as more effective and financially sensible alternatives. Homebuyers should critically assess the value that realtors bring to their new home construction projects and consider more direct and involved approaches to ensure their interests are truly protected and their financial investments are wisely spent.

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